Sports Injury Clinic

Our sports injury clinic provides treatments for a range of sport-related damage. The hips, knees and legs are the most common areas for sporting injuries, as they come under the most direct repetitive strain during physical activity. Pain and discomfort of all kinds can be caused by blunt force, improper exercise technique, or even something as simple as tripping over. There’s never a convenient time to be injured, but with our sports injury clinic you can get back on the track as fast and safely as possible.


Hamstring Tears:

  • These can be proximal or distal tears
  • Dr. Nizam specializes in repair of proximal hamstring tendons especially in elite athletes

Rectus Femoris / Quadriceps rupture:

  • These can be sustained during sporting injuries and often need surgery in athletes

Pictures From Left to Right: Repair of RectusFemoris Repair in a sporting injury.

Rectus Femoris Repair

Knee and Leg

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