• Gap or No Gap for hip or knee replacement surgery and other surgery?

    With soaring health care costs patients are paying more and more for their health care Private health insurance premiums are increasing annually and so are the costs to surgeons / practices with indemnity cover, practice/staff costs.

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  • What do patients do 2 weeks after a hip replacement

    This depends on what approach was done for the hip replacement

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  • How long after a hip replacement can I tie my shoe-laces.

    This depends on what approach was utilized to do the hip replacement . If the hip replacement was done through the more traditional posterior or antero- lateral/Hardinge approach – most patients have hip precautions for upto 6-8 weeks This is because muscles/tendons are usually cut/detached during the operation and then repaired during closure.

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  • Knee Joint Replacement Infections

    This is called a periprosthetic joint infection and can be a devastating complication of joint replacement surgery. These joint infections can be associated with significant morbidity, mortality and increased health care costs and a big burden to the patient due to prolonged hospitalisation and multiple surgical procedures over long periods.

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  • Is Robotic Knee replacement surgery better?

    Total Knee Replacement has been shown to be both durable and reliable in relieving pain and improving function in patients with end stage knee arthrosis allowing the patients to return to normal activities with improved quality of life. The number of knee replacements are only increasing rapidly annually as the population lives longer.

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Disclaimer: Individual results can vary - patients are asked to discuss their specific restrictions with their surgeon after surgery.

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