Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement surgery is an ideal option for less serious knee problems and offers the benefit of much faster recovery time than a full knee operation. This is perfect for limiting your lay-off time and getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Patients matching the criteria and with severe arthritis confined to just one specific part of the joint can benefit from the procedure that replaces the offending area. These include the medial, lateral or patella-femoral compartments.

The advantages of partial knee replacement surgery over a total procedure include:

    • Less invasive: the incision is much smaller than a traditional procedure because only a small area is targeted
    • Faster post-surgery recovery: depending on your response to the surgery, some patients have been known to return home on the same day, though many wait a day or two. That’s an improvement on the several days traditional procedure patients generally wait. Recovery time is faster because the area is more targeted. The LIA technique makes it even more successful with early mobilization and rapid recovery.
    • Less blood loss: blood transfusions are rare in these operations but are sometimes used, depending on the particular patient requirements.

DO I Need Surgery?

Partial Knee Replacements

X-rays of Partial Knee replacements recently performed.

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