Robotic Knee Replacement

Robotic Knee Replacement - The New Generation of Robots

Mr. Ikram Nizam is certified to do Robotic TOTAL Knee replacements.

In the past surgeons have always strived to achieve perfection to give the best possible outcomes to the patient in knee replacement surgery.


Best outcomes are achieved when the components (parts of a knee replacement – Femoral and Tibial components) are placed in the most appropriate position for that particular patient.

This means Getting the SIZE right, ORIENTATION right, ROTATION right, ALIGNMENT right. Finally the soft tissue and ligament balancing with patella tracking have to be optimal to ensure a smooth functioning of the joint replacement to improve the chances of success and longevity.

The Robot assists the surgeon to place the components in the most suitable spot. This is achieved by ensuring the bone surfaces are cut very accurately, that way the prosthesis can sit in the rightful place.

In order to ensure accurate cuts, there are several trackers pinned to the femur and tibia to give live information of the bone surfaces.

Bone Surfaces

The trackers relay information to the computer whilst the bone surfaces are mapped live.


The Knee is then taken through a normal range of motion in the diseased knee for analysis.

The Bone surfaces (Femoral and Tibial surfaces) are then accurately mapped with a special marker and a 3D image that can be rotated is projected on the screen. The total knee implants can be superimposed to get an accurate idea of the size, orientation and alignment of the prosthesis.


The Bone is then prepared with the use of the hand held Robotic device. The robot only removes bone determined by the surgeon plan. This is seen real time – Live on the screen.


The position of the components can be adjusted so it sits accurately on the bone and taken through a range of motion to check on stability and gaps in flexion and extension


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