Knee Arthroscopy

Oz Orthopaedics Melbourne knee arthroscopy treatment involves looking into the joint, known as a closed cavity, with a telescopic camera that provides crucially important, detailed information of the general state of a joint, a study of surfaces including cartilage, the meniscus, ligaments and structural lining. This information will provide the most accurate way of identifying problems and establishing solutions for further treatment.

The surgery is usually performed in a single day and is not particularly time consuming. In most circumstances, patients will be able to apply weight through their joint almost immediately afterwards. This is enabled through LIA (Local Infiltration Analgesia), but can depend on the specifics of the procedures performed.

Some indications that a knee arthroscopy is needed include:

  • Meniscal injuries/tears
  • Injury to the articular cartilage
  • Removal of loose bodies/fragments
  • Diagnosing ligament tears
  • Patella related pain requiring lateral release
  • ACL/PCL reconstruction
  • Articular cartilage procedures

Oz Orthopaedics is your trusted and reliable solution for a knee arthroscopy in Melbourne.

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