Hip Resurfacing

Dr. Nizam trained with and assisted renowned surgeon Professor L. Kohan, a leading orthopaedic surgeon who has performed over one thousand hip resurfacing procedures since 2006. Dr. Nizam was also centrally involved in research relating to the performance of metal on metal total hip arthroplasty especially in the over 65 year old age group.

Resurfacing is a bone preserving procedure indicated in younger more active patients with adequate bone density and is an ideal alternative to a more intense total hip replacement.

The acetabulum (hip socket) is treated in the same manner as a total joint replacement only now the femoral head is prepared and replaced with a metal prosthesis, which preserves the natural femoral neck. This relieves pain and restores flexibility, enabling running, jumping and certain elite sporting activities with less risk of discomfort and dislocations. The majority of patients treated with resurfacing have commented that, post-treatment, they don’t even think about it.

  • Hip Resurfacing
    The femoral head after being prepared
  • Hip Resurfacing
    The Birmingham Resurfacing Femoral Component
  • Hip Resurfacing
    X-ray of a Right Hip resurfacing

Post-operative instructions will be discussed with your surgeon before and after surgery. We recommend avoiding running and jumping sports for 6 months after treatment. We will equip you with a recovery plan that outlines when you should begin to carry out weight bearing exercises and sports.

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For more information on hip resurfacing visit www.orthoinfo.aaos.org.

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