Hip Resurfacing

Dr. Nizam trained with and assisted the surgeon (Professor L. Kohan) for several years since 2006 who has performed the most number of Hip Resurfacings in Australia (>1000). Dr. Nizam was also involved in research on performance of Metal on Metal total hip Arthroplasty and Hip Resurfacings especially in the over-65 age group.

Resurfacing is a bone preserving procedure indicated in younger more active patients with adequate bone density.

The acetabulum (hip socket) is performed in the usual manner as for a total joint replacement but the femoral head is prepared and replaced with a metal prosthesis preserving the natural femoral neck. Thisenables running, jumping and certain elite sporting activities with less risk of dislocations or leg length discrepancy. Majority of the patients with a resurfacing don’t even think “about it”.

Hip Resurfacing Hip Resurfacing Hip Resurfacing
The femoral head after being prepared The Birmingham Resurfacing Femoral Component Xray of a Right Hip resurfacing

Other advantages of a resurfacing include reduced dislocation rates and limb length discrepancies.

Post operative instructions will be discussed before and after surgery. In simple terms we recommend avoiding running and jumping sports for 6 months after resurfacing.

There after we recommend patients with a resurfacing to carry out weight bearing exercises and sports.

Click here for more information from Dr. D.Mcminn – the pioneer of the Birmingham Hip resurfacing:

For more information: www.orthoinfo.aaos.org.

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