Dr. Nizam also specializes in Fracture Fixation and Trauma surgery.

Hip Fractures

Depending on the level of the fracture at the hip, patients may end up having partial hip replacement, Total hip replacement or Fracture fixation with plate and screws or Intramedullary Nailing.

Total Hip Replacement in Fracture hips in older patients are recommended if they are independent, living at home and generally well in themselves. Dr. Nizam usually mobilizes these patients few hours after surgery with the Enhanced Recovery Program.


  • Image1: Xrays of Fractured Left hip in a nursing home patient aged 86
  • Image2: Xrays after surgery (Partial hip replacement). This patient mobilized 3 hours after surgery



Pic Top: Fractured Hip (Top), patient had partial hip replacement (Pic Bottom)



Foot and Ankle


Knee and Leg

Shoulder, Arm, Elbow

Spine and Neck

Hand and Wrist