Patient Matched TKR

Normally surgeons usually use preoperative Xrays in planning of surgery to template component sizes.
Some of this process of planning and sizing also takes place during surgery.

The patient matched instrumentation uses Xrays and 3-dimensional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to give the surgeon a customized template (model) for each patient (to compliment their anatomy). This enables the surgeon to precisely choose prosthesis size and proper alignment and placement.

Customized “blocks or instrumentation” can take upto 2-4 weeks to be made from the time of Xrays and MRI scan as the images have to be sent to specialized a centre. In this case USA.

The advantages include:

  • Better or custom fit, Improved Balance and stability and less invasive
  • No violation of Intra-medullary bone marrow – less pain, faster recovery
  • Convincing evidence based studies are yet to be done to prove this is the case although some studies state good benefit

Prophecy Knee replacement

Patient Specific Technologies

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery - Post Surgery

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